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Translation API

The Translate API allows clients to translate an SRT transcription. The input transcription is defined by an S3 bucket name and key along with the language.

How it Works

Clients provide an input transcription in SRT format to the Subly Translate API. Subly then translates the input and when finished writes the translated SRT to the requested location in an SRT file.

What You Need

Clients of the Translate API will need:

  • An S3 bucket in AWS that is accessible by Subly (see below for bucket configuration)
  • An API key to use in header x-api-key for all requests.


All API requests require the x-api-key header to be set with the API key received at registration.

API paths use base URL

Translate Request

Start translation of transcription

Endpoint: POST /translate

Body Format: Content-Type: application/json


  • input
    • transcription
      • bucket (string): Bucket containing the media
      • key (string): Key to identify the SRT file in the bucket
      • language (string): Language code for transcription e.g. en, en (see full list below)
      • type (string): Type of media (see full list below)
  • output
    • bucket (string): Bucket to put output translated transcription
    • key (string): Directory to put output translated transcription to
    • languages (array of string): Language codes for translations e.g. fr, de (see full list below)


"input": {
"media": {
"bucket": "my-storage-bucket",
"key": "",
"language": "en"
"output": {
"bucket": "my-storage-bucket",
"key": "my-translations",
"languages": ["fr", "de", "nl"]


200 status for successful job

  • status (string): COMPLETED or FAILED
  • output (array)
    • type (string): SRT
    • bucket (string): Bucket containing the translated transcription
    • key (string): Key to identify the translated transcription in the bucket
    • language (string): Language code for the translated transcription

The output for each file will be in the directory <output-key>/<language>.srt

Example Response

"status": "COMPLETED",
"output": [
"type": "SRT",
"bucket": "my-storage-bucket",
"key": "my-translations/",
"language": "fr"
"type": "SRT",
"bucket": "my-storage-bucket",
"key": "my-translations/",
"language": "de"
"type": "SRT",
"bucket": "my-storage-bucket",
"key": "my-translations/",
"language": "nl"

Supported Options

Available Languages

Available languages for both input and output are:

  • bg: Bulgarian
  • cs: Czech
  • da: Danish
  • de: German
  • el: Greek
  • es: Spanish
  • et: Estonian
  • fi: Finnish
  • fr: French
  • hu: Hungarian
  • id: Indonesian
  • it: Italian
  • ko: Korean
  • lt: Lithuanian
  • lv: Latvian
  • nb: Norwegian (Bokmål)
  • nl: Dutch
  • pl: Polish
  • ro: Romanian
  • ru: Russian
  • sk: Slovak
  • sl: Slovenian
  • sv: Swedish
  • tr: Turkish
  • uk: Ukrainian
  • zh: Chinese

Available languages for input only are:

  • en: English
  • pt: Portuguese

Available languages for output only are:

  • en-GB: English (British)
  • en-US: English (US)
  • pt-PT: Portuguese
  • pt-BR: Portuguese (Brazilian)